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Shari Belitz

I am a litigation strategist, owner, and CEO of Shari Belitz Communications, LLC a litigation consulting company that teaches lawyers how to use social psychology to achieve favorable litigation outcomes, whether at settlement or trial. I am an attorney with over twenty years of experience in the legal profession. Prior to my litigation consulting career, I was an insurance coverage attorney at a law firm and litigation manager in-house at AIG where I handled complex mass tort lawsuits for Fortune 500 insured clients. During my legal career, I took a leap of faith and pursued a dream I had always had which was studying forensic psychology, including advanced jury science and research at the graduate level. I speak at various legal and insurance industry conferences as well as universities and law schools about applying psychology to litigation, juror decision making, and nuclear verdicts. I am a co-author of the best-selling anthology #Networked, a Decameron inspired chapter book about online networking during a global pandemic, and the power of female networks.


The Psychology Methodology for Litigation Education

JOIN ME! We are going on a tour where I will show you how to use psychology, one of the oldest sciences to achieve favorable litigation outcomes in your law practice. We will study various psychological concepts and cognitive biases by breaking them into digestible forms and applying them to all facets of the litigation and settlement process including Discovery, deposition preparation, Mediation, Voir Dire, Opening Arguments, Direct Examination, Cross-Examination, and Summation. We will also be studying juror decision making as well as the phenomenon of nuclear verdicts.